Trio no. 3 : A sad, sad night

This is my bittersweet Trio no. 3 short story. For all those who can relate.

It was a dark, stormy night. Actually, no. It was just a really dark night. The moon was playing hide and seek behind the clouds. Fun. I found myself lonely, longing for some company. I saw my beautiful little fridge in the corner, beckoning me, encouraging me to come closer and explore. Shakily, I opened the double doors. Only to be greeted by the warm, yellow glow emanating from within. I basked in the glow, hungrily searching for something, anything to fill my starved stomach. Filled with healthy and inedible crap, I sighed in frustration. My weary eyes finally spotted a lone container. Praise be! Edible food? I reached towards it with shaky excitement, my heart pounding in my ears. What lay in front of me in the open container was a sight for sore eyes. I beheld a beautiful piece of exquisite chicken. I wept in delight, salty tears streaming down my cheek. In my elation, I grabbed the first fork I could find and cut a perfect little piece. Just as I was about to devour my heavenly snack, I woke up. Life’s unfair.



  1. ngobesingromanus · November 1, 2014

    A thrilling post. Reminds me of the times I’ve had a beautiful dream and become happy just to wake up and realize it was only a dream.


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